Reno Magic

Recently I went to Reno over the weekend with a couple of girlfriends and they each quickly met guys they went off with. I was playing the slots alone when this good looking yet slick looking man approached me and asked if I’d stand by him while he played twenty one. I didn’t see the harm, so I went. He won several hands and said I was his good luck charm. We continued on to the craps table and he won many rolls of the dice there as well. He won a lot of money by the end of the evening and he asked if I’d go up to his room with him.

I was horny, so why not, no one would know. My girlfriends were nowhere to be found, they were likely fucking with some guys they just met themselves, so they were in no position to judge me. I accepted. We went to his room and it was decorated kind of tacky, so ornate and everything gold, but it was unique, that’s for sure. He poured us some champagne the hotel had sent up because he’d won big and we downed the bottle and fell into bed. He said licking pussy was his favorite thing, so he went to town on my juicy little pussy.

He was good at it, that’s for sure. My clit was throbbing as he worked his tongue all over it, and I was begging him to put his cock in me I was so fucking horny. He thrust a good nine inches into me and I winced at its girth. He really filled me up and I loved it. I spread open wide for him and started to wrap my legs around him and pull his cock even deeper into my pussy. He pinned my wrists above my head and really fucked me hard. I loved it and he made me cum very hard. I need to go gambling more often!

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