Giving in to The Boss

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t really want to just to keep your head above water. A caller was telling me he wasn’t very proud of himself taking advantage of one of his female employees recently, but he knew he could, so he did. He knew she was struggling financially, and he told her he had to cut back on staff and she was going to be the one he had to let go. She begged him to keep her on, and he said the only way he could was if she would fuck him regularly.

He said he knew she would give in, since she had no other help or income. It was really shitty of him to do this to someone, but he wanted her and he knew he could have her this way. He knew she had no interest in him whatsoever. She agreed, and has been coming in early to give him blow jobs every morning to secure her job. It sounds awful for the poor girl, but someone men will do anything to get what they want, right or not. He said she really gave good head, too, and he loved her sucking him off, even knowing it was not out of any love or affection.

He said she really handled his dick well, like she’d been with many guys and knew just what they wanted. He said she drooled all over his cock and got it all sloppy wet, really pumping his shaft and flicking her tongue across his eye and making him tingle with pleasure. She also swallowed, he said. She probably thought if she didn’t her job might be on the line, so she gulped down his seed every morning. He said he will fuck her soon, but it’s just been blow jobs so far. Some men are just pigs.

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