Eat it Up!

Once in a long while I will consent to watch a caller on cam, I do not enjoy it and make it clear I do not, they know this and want to have you watch anyway. In some cases they like knowing you dislike it and are doing it anyway. Some of the callers absolutely enjoy making you squirm and do things or talk about things you are uncomfortable with. One of the guys that likes me to watch is very much into eating his own cum. Now callers will frequently lick it off their fingers and hands, or even shoot it onto a mirror and lick it off, but this one likes to cum on food and consume it.

He’s shot on everything from popcorn to ice cream, it’s really gross as far as I’m concerned, and he knows I think this, it makes him laugh to make me queasy. He pays double the rate to make up for the distastefulness of it all, but still, something’s you wish you had not seen, and once they are in your mind, there’s no getting them out. Last week he thought it would be funny if he had an actual piece of cream pie. I swear I will never have another piece of banana cream pie as long as I live, he’s ruined it for me.

He had the piece of pie in a bowl, and then he shot his load all over the toasted coconut that was on top of the pie and then he got a spoon and ate the whole bowl of it, cum, pie and all, in a few mouthfuls. I was feeling nauseous, but he was enjoying every mouthful and laughing at me. I was just trying to concentrate on the money I’d get for witnessing it all.

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