My Spying Nephew

I stayed with my brother and his family for a few days recently, I hadn’t seen them in a few years and was passing through town and they said I was more than welcome to stay with them, so I accepted. My nephew had grown into a very handsome young man, in his late teens and very sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Later that night in the guest room, I was undressing and it was quite late, I’d stayed up late talking and catching up with my brother and I was sure I could feel someone watching me, but the door was closed.

I went to the door and pulled it open quickly, and there was my nephew, crouched down on the floor, eye to the keyhole and sporting quite the tent in his pants and looking embarrassed. He was speechless, I told him in a hushed voice to come in and he did, he sat on the bed with a sheepish grin and I asked him how long he’d been spying on me and he just blushed and sat there on the edge of the bed. I asked him if that boner needed to be looked after and he blushed even deeper.

I boldly reached over and unzipped him and took his cock out and started to stroke it, he was like a steel rod, I smoothed the precum over his head and he moaned softly in great pleasure. I increased my pressure and strokes and he was breathing so heavily, it was really turning me on listening to him. I parted my legs and he took my cue and slid his hand up my thigh and into my damp panties and found my pussy and he slid his fingertips over my stiffened clit and I was soon bucking against his hand and pumping his young cock even harder and we soon came at the same time, but had to be quite so as not to wake the rest of the family or have them knowing what we were up to. It was a fun visit, to be sure. I need to stop by more often!

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