Double Penetration Pleasures

This boyfriend I have mentioned double penetration to me after watching some porn that featured it and he asked if I’d ever considered trying that, or a threesome at all. I said I would be open tot the idea of a threesome, but double penetration, I wasn’t too sure about. I wasn’t a big fan of anal sex, it hadn’t been pleasurable the few times id tried it. He assured me he knew this would be an exciting experience for me and I agreed. So he introduced me to this friend of his and asked if I’d be open to him joining us and I said yes, we could try it.

So a few nights later we all had a nice dinner and then adjourned to the bedroom and the king sized bed. There was a lot of lube, and I was pleasantly surprised. This new guy fucked my pussy, I rode his cock and it was a nice dick he had, and my boyfriend fucked me up the ass and it was the best experience I’d had with it. I have never felt so full in my life, I had cock in the pussy and in the ass and I was never so filled with cock before.

I was able to cum, but I think mostly from the one in my pussy, but it was a different experience and one I’d be willing to try again. So double penetration can be a fun and worthwhile thing to experiment with if you have two other partners that are willing to be gentle and go slow and give you pleasure until you say you’ve had enough.

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