Bidet Masturbation

Recently I was housesitting for some friends that had a beautiful new home, that’s why they had me stay there, they were afraid someone might break in while they were away for the weekend. They had the home custom made to their specifications, and one thing I noticed they had in the master bathroom was something I’d never tried before, a bidet. I know some of the upper scale homes are having them done with them now, it’s more of a European thing.

I wanted to try it and oh goodness, now I want one of my own. I initially tried it after I used the toilet of course, but within seconds discovered it has a much better use. You can use it like you masturbate in the shower with the shower massager, but you don’t need a whole shower to enjoy this water induced orgasm. I turned on the taps and felt the tickle of the water on my pussy and then felt it touch my clit, so I increased the water pressure as much as I could and turned the tap on much hotter, and held my pussy lips back to fully expose my clit. It was sheer heaven, I loved it.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on the bidet that weekend, I had the cleanest pussy in town! It really is a wonderful fixture and now I’d love to see about getting one installed for my own home. Sometimes you’d love a water induced orgasm, but don’t want a whole shower again, this is the perfect option for that. I’m sure most women that own these have long ago discovered the wonderful sensations they can give you so easily and quickly.

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