Naughty Gift Basket

Recently a client that wanted to send me a naughty gift sent me a gift basket of sex toys. I was surprised, I thought when they said gift basket there would be chocolates, or maybe wine and cheese and crackers or tea and fancy jams, that kind of thing, but this one was a red hot, X rated gift basket with an assortment of dildos, lubes, ticklers, handcuffs, a blindfold, all kinds of treats in there. Needless to say my boyfriend was delighted at the gift basket and couldn’t wait to try out all the naughty things.

He carried the gift basket up the stairs and unwrapped it on the bed and we started to unwrap the items one by one. Within an hour I was tied to the bed spread eagle with silk scarves, had the blindfold on, some scented candles were burning, a CD of sexy music was playing and I was having one of the feather ticklers dragged lightly across my now rock hard nipples. I was teased for hours and brought to the brink of orgasm several times before being allowed to go over that edge.

Then it was my boyfriends turn and I had him handcuffed on his knees on the floor and was whipping him lightly with a flogger that had been in the gift basket. I placed a dab of the chocolate body paint on my clit and then sat astride his face as he was on his knees and told him to lick it off, which he did until I came all over his face. Needless to say, we had a fun time with all the items in the sex toy gift basket and there’s still some items we didn’t even open yet, more pleasure filled evenings await to try them out. My client will no doubt enjoy a full report on the naughty things I did with the items in the gift basket.

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