Spying On The Cougar Next Door

I am a voyeur, I know, it’s bad, and I’ve worried about getting caught, but I find it very hot to watch people have sex when they don’t know they are being watched. It’s like my own live porn show, except the people performing don’t know anyone is watching them. This cougar moved in next door a few months ago, and she has some regular young male visitors that come by weekly, and they come by late at night when it’s dark and her bedroom is opposite mine, with only our yards between us, and I have a telescope set up in my room I can watch her with, and with my lights out, you’d never know it was there.

I’ve seen her have sex with eight young men in the last few months, I usually masturbate when I watch them. They are less than half her age and I wish I could find young men like that to fuck me, but I’m a bit too shy to go out looking for them, so I live vicariously through her sexual exploits and enjoy watching all the naughty things she gets up to. She likes them really young, as do I, very slim, but well muscled and lean, god, they are so hot and she sure keeps them coming back for more.

She’s very slutty, letting them cum on her face and fucking her ass, there’s nothing she won’t do, and they creep in at all hours and I’ve gotten off so many times watching her get fucked. She’s attractive, but no raving beauty, but her body sure makes those young lads happy to give her so many cum loads. Maybe one day one will see me watching and come by my house afterwards for some fun, one can hope.

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