Dirty Little Secret


So many of us have secrets, but some of the things I hear on the phone never cease to amaze me, especially ones who keep these things from their wives or girlfriends. A man called today and was telling me about this secret of his, he’s seeing another guy and feels guilty about it since he’s married. I assumed it was something new, so I asked how long has this been going on for. Five years! Five! I was a bit surprised.

I said well, if it’s been going on this long and everyone is being monogamous, why end it, enjoy it. You’re obviously not getting what you need from wifey, so keep on seeing your boyfriend. I feel badly for some of these guys, I really do, but this living in the prisons of their own making bit gets a bit frustrating. They won’t leave. It’s like you let the cage door open for the canary and they won’t fly out. It’s been too long in lockdown, they are paralyzed in fear to do anything, like a deer in the headlights.

I know several callers that have guy friends on the side and their wives are totally clueless about the entire matter. People many times have a desire to have something on the side that’s just for them, and especially if their partner is cold and unaffectionate, I don’t blame them at all. I do think monogamy is not the natural state of being. For some I guess they want that, but others will always have the wandering eye and need more than one can give, even if just for the sake of variety. Some say they get adequate amounts of sex from a partner, they just want more variety. Just the way it is….

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