He Loves Pantyhose

I knew the man I’ve been seeing had a real thing for pantyhose, since he asked me not long after we met if I wore them. I do, I think the bare leg craze looks quite ridiculous honestly, and no pair of legs no matter how shapely, looks better bare than when covered with nylons. He grinned from ear to ear when I told him my stance on the matter. I soon wondered why he was so pro nylons, and soon found out.

On our third date he gave me a gift bag with several pair in them. Some had seams up the back, others had some jewels and sparkles and bows, the pair however that was the most suggestive was crotchless. I had a feeling what he had in mind for that pair. He wanted me to wear them when we had sex for the first time. I was fine to go along with his little fetish. We had our first date for sex set and I wore the pantyhose. His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas when he saw me mince in wearing them with nothing but heels on.

We fooled around on the bed and he finally slid his cock into me, and he was pretty good. His cock was large and thick and fully satisfied me and I was nicely filled. He knew he was getting close to cumming after we’d been fucking for a while, so he pulled out and he shot onto the belly of the crotchless pantyhose and the cum squirted all over the black hose and sank in. I could feel its wetness on my skin as it seeped through. He said he loved pantyhose so much and he thanked me for wearing them and it was a different experience. It was certainly more to his liking than mine, so maybe the next time we have sex we can do things my way, but I was happy to let him have his moment with the pantyhose.

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