I Fucked The Garbage Man

Not too long ago there was a new garbage man on my route I noticed when looking out the window. He was a very built young guy, very muscular and in shape. I guess hauling heavy bags all day will certainly build up your arms and shoulders. I found myself placing the bags at the curb shortly before the truck would come down my street so I could get a better look at him. I know it was ridiculous, but I wanted to get a closer, better look at this guy. I got it. He was a good looking man.

He knew I was out there waiting for him and smiled and winked at me. A few days later when it wasn’t even garbage day I saw him outside and I went to say hello. We chatted and went for coffee. I liked him and I invited him back to my house. Things quickly progressed once he was in the door. I complimented his strong arms and I was then swept up in them and carried to the bedroom. He peeled my clothes off and ran his hands all over my nude body. He stopped to rub my pussy, which was now dripping wet and slippery.

I bucked up to meet his hand, and he soon stripped off his own clothes and slid his dick right into me. I gasped at his fullness. He soon got a rhythm going and we fucked for what seemed like hours. I came on his cock and when he pulled out of me I took that dripping shaft in my mouth and licked it clean. I swallowed his load and had more dripping from my cunt, he was a fabulous lover and every bit as strong as he looked. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of one another.

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