Forced Intox Phone Sex

One of my callers is quite the drinker. Now many likely are, but they do not incorporate that into their phone sex calls. Some however do. They either call after they’ve had a few, or some have their booze at the ready and love to be told when to drink, like some kind of college drinking game. One last night had three tall boy beers and two bottles of red wine and I could hear him opening the cans, drinking them down, he was also taking pills. Many like to incorporate pills or poppers, but not all. In all honesty they are going to drink whether you tell them to or not, so it’s not that big of a deal.

They can then develop the problem of cumming when they’ve had a few too many, the old “whiskey dickie” comes into play. Their desire is there, but they just can’t quite get over that edge to cum when they’ve had a bit too much. A frustrating conundrum to be sure, for them. Many ladies like drunk callers, because drunk callers are longer callers, and of course longer calls make you more money. Some will plead for you to stop making them drink more, but it is ultimately their hand holding the glass to their lips, and they know this.

Drinking to a point can make you feel very good and horny, have too much, and no matter how horny you are, you likely won’t be able to cum. The callers into this fetish like the idea that the other person is making them drink more and more, against their will of course. Do you like to hit the bottle hard while trying to masturbate? Do you like the idea of a lady telling you to drink much more than you normally would? Then forced into phone sex is the type for you to try. Maybe you’re already a fan. Give one of our ladies a call tonight.

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