Happy Birthday!

I’m sure many of us have special memories of extra special birthday sexual encounters. A birthday can mean the whole day is for and about you, and a partner might be more than generous in their sexual gifts that day so to speak. My boyfriend’s birthday was last week and he got some extra special and dirty sex as a treat. I cooked us a wonderful dinner and we stayed at home and celebrated quietly. Well, things weren’t so quiet in the bedroom, but you get the idea. I bought some new lingerie to entice him and he loved it, fire engine red. Stockings, garter belt, corset, the whole nine yards.

He knew he was in for a treat when he took a look at me in that outfit. I’d gotten some fragrant massage oils and gave him a very thorough and sensual rub down and of course he got a happy ending. This was even before I gave him an extra juicy and deep blow job and then he fucked me doggy style. I said because it’s your birthday, I’d let him be extra naughty and he could even fuck my ass. He was thrilled I’d allow that, so he took his dick which was still covered in my wet pussy juices and slowly slid it into my tight ass.

He placed his hands on my hips and eased the swollen head of his cock into my ass and gently began to thrust back and forth. I rubbed my clit underneath as he fucked me and my tits were swinging wildly beneath me as we had anal sex. He blew his large load of cum into me, and then when he finished, we got into the shower and had a very, long, hot and steamy encounter in the shower with the hot water pouring over us. It was a happy birthday for all.

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