Fuck Buddies

Recently I lost a boyfriend. He had to move for a job and I was not uprooting my life to go with him, so we ended it. A good male friend of mine also was just getting over his relationship, his girlfriend had gone back to her last boyfriend. So here we both were with no one, no prospects, so we had a conversation about “helping one another out.” If you get my drift about ‘help.’ So we decided to become fuck buddies, and I’m honestly pleasantly surprised. A guy can seem very mild mannered and tame and you wouldn’t think he’d be anything special in the bedroom, but there’s times when what they are like in the bedroom is nothing like how they are in person.

I thought we’d have nice, gentle but satisfying sex. Oh no, we’ve had explosive, intense, red hot sex! We started with him going down on my pussy, and he was extremely talented with his tongue. I had a feeling there were even better things in store, and I was right. After pleasing me with his tongue, then I got his cock in me and I was going wild. I never had any idea he was this hot in bed all the years I’d had him as a friend. I only wish I’d known sooner.

He pinned me down, choked me, spun me on all fours and grabbed my hair, he made me feel like his used slut, and I loved it. I hadn’t cum so hard in years. My cunt ached and dripped for him. He spanked me and made me his submissive whore. I never wanted it to end. Afterwards I was speechless. All I can say is I hope we are fuck buddies for a long time. He knows how to please a woman.

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