Fuck His Man Pussy

There’s no shortage of guys calling that have same sex fantasies, it is rampant. Many times it is just oral sex they are thinking about, not full on anal sex, but many do want to be penetrated. They will call while using toys, or else have a selection of toys and want me to tell them which ones of the ones they have to use on themselves. Most using the toys though wish it was a real dick that was fucking them. They seem hesitant at times, a bit unsure, but when pressed most will admit, yes, they want a man to fuck their ass and make them their bitch.

It’s surprising the number of men out there that are submissive or have submissive tendencies, a lot more than you’d expect. They many times will watch gay porn as they jerk off or be thinking of a guy as they close their eyes and their girlfriend goes down on them, they are thinking in their minds they want it to be a guy sucking their cock, not a woman. The rise of tranny and shemale porn gives even more credibility to this, they want cock, some just need it packaged up to look more female than male, but it’s still a male, whether they want to admit it or not.

Many callers ask how I’d feel about using a strap on on a boyfriend if asked, that’s really not for me, so I say I couldn’t do it, they then say their own wives or girlfriends feel exactly the same, most do not even ask since they know it would be a resounding no if they did, so they don’t even bother, but they sure dream about taking a cock right up their ass from some guy they’ve been fantasizing about. It’s a lot more common of a fantasy than you’d imagine it would be.

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