He Was Cucked By a Black Man

This caller was telling me how his black boss had the hots for his wife and it embarrassed him. He couldn’t really say much without his job being in jeopardy. One night the boss stopped by to pick up some paper work, and he saw the employees wife inside and came on in without even being invited. Again, he felt he couldn’t really tell his boss to leave, since he might get fired and he needed the money. The boss came onto the wife and ushered her into the bedroom to have his way with her. She protested a bit, since her own hubby’s dick was so small, but once she saw her husband’s boss’s cock, she gave in.

He was embarrassed and humiliated this was happening right in his own home and he felt powerless to stop it. He could hear her protestations through the bedroom door, but it made his little dick hard. He said he couldn’t help himself, he took out his cock and started to masturbate while his wife was getting fucked by his black boss and he listened. He could hear muffled talking and the bed squeaking and headboard slamming rhythmically against the wall, he knew they were fucking in the marital bed.

He heard groans of pleasure and ecstasy as they fucked and he was beating his own little dick picturing what was going on inside that bedroom. His little balls filled and he heard his wife orgasm. He knew the boss with the big, black cock had taken his wife and made her cum. He soon shot his load and hurried away from the bedroom door in shame that this had happened in his own home. The boss soon exited the bedroom with a smirk on his face. He took the folder of papers from the embarrassed employee’s hand and left the house. The caller said he’d never been so hard in his life.

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