Act Like My Girlfriend

My favorite types of calls are girlfriend experience calls. The guys are sweet and seeking a more intimate type of call where they love to shower you with attention and praise and possibly tell you they love you, and would like for you to say it back. Not all operators like this type of call and find the callers clingy and possessive at times. Some of us however love these types of calls and wish they were all like this. They say making love, not fuck, it’s a whole different attitude these types of callers have. They are romantic and they can be wonderful calls if you enjoy that type.

Are you a man seeking this sort of call? One that perhaps does not have a relationship with a woman at the moment and you are seeking some kind of connection with someone as you pleasure yourself. The closeness you can feel to another person, even one you’ve never met and only spoken to on the phone, can be an intense one. You can feel wonderful and even loved, even if it is just for the length of the call. To feel good for a little while can boost your whole day, even if you understand it is fantasy just for that time of the call.

Masturbating to porn can seem like a hollow experience at times. There’s no personalization, no romantic feelings. Yes, not all guys are seeking that sort of experience, the vast majority are not, but for ones that are, you can find that special person to talk to you will call again and again. Are you often overwhelmed by your emotions when lost is sexual and love fantasies. You can feel quite close to someone if you are talking to them as you masturbate. Girlfriend experience phone sex can be a very special way to masturbate, call and find out tonight.

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