The Sublet

I was quite happy with the roommate I had, but when he got a job in another city I didn’t know what to do, I needed someone to share the rent costs with. He said not to worry, a friend of his was looking for a new place, as the building he was in currently was under extensive repairs. I met the man and he seemed fine, so I agreed he could take over as my new roommate. He was a dream roommate, quiet, neat, not even home a lot, I had zero complaints about him. One night I had this erotic dream about him out of the blue and could not see him the same after I had it.

I was looking at him a bit too often and obviously he noticed and asked me if something was wrong, I blushed and felt silly, but told him about the dream. He laughed and said things like that happen, which is true. The months past and I found myself attracted to him, and one night knocked on his bedroom door and made up some excuse for being there looking for something. He obviously sensed the ruse and invited me in and we chatted. He leaned in and kissed me and soon we were rolling around on his bed, fucking gloriously.

He was hot and great in bed, a big cock and a fantastic tongue. He went down on me like no one ever has. Such passion and hunger he had and we were very compatible sexually and fucked pretty much every night. Neither of us was looking for a relationship or love, but this roommates with benefits was working out wonderfully. I have never been so sexually satisfied. He would fuck me and make me cum to the point of exhaustion, which was making me also sleep better and more soundly than I had in years, it’s been truly heaven having this guy as a lover and I think he enjoys my boudoir stylings as well.

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