Paying For a Ride

When I was younger, I took some risks I likely shouldn’t have, hitchhiking being among them. I wanted to go to this nearby town to see the guy I was dating at the time and I didn’t have the money for a cab so I decided to thumb a ride. The guy that picked me up looked a bit rough, but not too dangerous, so I got in. Around ten minutes from my destination, he told me there would in fact be a price for the ride, I’d need to fuck him. I was outraged, but he said I’d best do as he asked. I realized I didn’t really have a choice, so I did it.

He pulled me over onto his lap in the truck and he didn’t even take my clothes off, he just pulled my shorts and panties to the side and had a hard dick to impale me with. I felt him go inside me and he wasn’t gentle. I knew he was really horny thought so I didn’t expect this would last long. I felt his hands groping me and it wasn’t too awful, but wasn’t very fun either. He pumped and pumped into me and I was sure he’d squirt any moment, but still he didn’t cum. Maybe this was going to take longer than I thought.

I started to squeeze my pussy muscles around him to make him blow his load and that seemed to do the trick. As I milked his cock he started to groan and all of a sudden I felt him go off inside of me in a torrent of cum. I was then released from his grasp and he took me the rest of the way and I was off to see my boyfriend. I never did hitchhike again.

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