Lick That Cunt

If there’s one thing my boyfriend loves to do, it’s go down on my shaved cunt. Callers often ask what is my favorite thing to do sexually, as I ask them as well. Having my pussy licked is likely at the top of the list. When a guy is good at that, a lot of other things can be overlooked or forgiven, like a bit smaller than average cock size. So many little dick guys will claim they are fantastic at licking pussy, and it’s an over compensation skill they have mastered, since they know their dicks are not going to get the job done, so they’d better be good at licking pussy to make up for it.

Luckily my guy is just fine in the size department, he just loves going down on a woman. I’ve had other good ones before as well, but not as good as him. When he knows he’s done something I won’t be thrilled with, he usually likes to butter me up and give me a few screaming orgasms before telling me. His tongue is something else. I love to masturbate and my fingers are better than any man’s, but there’s no way I can recreate the sensation of a talented tongue down there.

I know there’s a few sex toys that were designed to simulate oral sex with spinning and gyrating tongues, but they are beyond a poor comparison, I’ve tried a couple over the years and nothing will compare to real. I adore the wet, licking, exploring tongue slipping in and out of me, tasting me. Teasing me, getting me wetter than anything else, the gentle or not so gentle, nibbling of the clit. Sucking on it and making me grip the sheets in a state of ecstasy. There’s nothing like it. Many men also love it. Some callers have said not all ladies are as clean as they want, but a few also like the unwashed, fishy pussy smell and taste. There’s something for everyone.

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