Don’t Put It In

I can well recall my hot teen years when I was so wanting to save myself for just the right boyfriend. I wouldn’t let guys fuck me, but we did oral and non penetrative sex. I would get so wet when they would lay their dick in between my cunt lips like a hot dog in a bun and I’d just grind on them. They could easily make me cum by doing that and of course since they didn’t put it inside of me, I was still technically a virgin, and I felt good I was saving myself for someone in the future. Though why looking back, I cannot imagine.

I would anticipate doing this during our whole date. Kissing, touching, giving them hand jobs and letting them rub my clit, but it was the feel of their cock on my actual cunt lips that drove me crazy. I wanted it inside of me so bad and I knew they wanted to slip it in as well. Some would even cum on my cunt, which wasn’t very smart, since penetration or not, the cum could still have easily gotten me pregnant by dripping into me. I actually knew one girl that did get pregnant that way and she’d never even let him put his dick inside her.

I was masturbating a lot and talking to them on the phone as well, phone sex was so hot in the teen years, always something new to explore that you hadn’t done before. I let lots of guys I dated do this to me, and it was always hot with every one of them. Even now before I will go all the way with a guy playing like this can be fun, a good way to tease them and me, but still cum at the same time. I enjoy all kinds of sex play, even when not going all the way. It doesn’t always have to be full on fucking to have fun.

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