He Fucked My Ass

I was never really interested in anal sex, it just didn’t seem to be my thing. Until this new boyfriend of mine convinced me to try it again and he promised it would be pleasurable for us both. I was skeptical, but decided to let him at least try and I’m glad I did. He started by having me have several drinks so I was plenty relaxed beforehand, and I think that helped a lot. He got a special anal sex lube that’s of a lot thicker consistency than regular lube and will make it as smooth a ride as possible.

He went down on me to make me all juicy and gave me a couple of orgasms with his tongue, then asked if he could touch and lick my ass, and I said go ahead, so he eased me into it and started off slowly, not forcing me. Then he had me get on all fours and slathered his hard cock up with the anal lube. I relaxed as much as I could and said go ahead, push it in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and once I relaxed and totally got into it, as I was fingering myself with my fingers as he fucked me, I did indeed cum and with his dick inside of me, which he loved.

He said feeling the contractions that way were fantastic, that although it was my pussy contracting, he could sure feel it in my ass with his dick in me. I said you may cum now, and he shot me full of his hot, sticky load, right into my tight, virgin ass and it was fucking hot. I said I’d definitely be up to trying this again in the future. So we shall see if I grow into a total anal sex aficionado or not, only time will tell.

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