Watch Me

I love to be watched. Watched having sex, masturbating. It’s kind of crazy all the high risk situations I’ve willingly put myself into where I could have gotten arrested just for the thrill of being watched. On a hotel balcony in broad daylight was one of my bolder , or maybe I should say dumber things I did. When online sex cams first came about, I thought this was a safe way of showing off without worries of being hauled off in handcuffs. So I would go online and find some cam chat room and masturbated for men. I’d wear a mask, I wasn’t stupid and didn’t want my career ruined, but I loved they could see every inch of me otherwise.

I would get so horny during the day and knew when I got home I could become my alter ego, complete with wig and mask. I would strip down and have dozens of men watching me, for free, I wasn’t even doing this as a cam girl or anything for money, just for the thrill of showing off. I’d finger my pussy, or use large toys on myself. Play with my breasts, and get myself so wet they could see my cunt glistening.

I new they were stroking their cocks to me as they watched me masturbate. I even convinced my boyfriend to join me once and we had sex on cam. He was a bit more stressed about it, I loved it, but he was a bit camera shy about it all and he didn’t want to again, but he thinks it’s hot I love other men to enjoy watching my body. He’s sort of a virtual cuckold I guess. I do love to show off and then when out in public I know no one would know it’s me. It’s fun and sex double life I’ve got going on.

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