My Spying Neighbor

Most people would be upset if they found out their neighbor was spying on them having sex, they’d be furious and most likely even call the police about it. I’m not most people. I’m kind of an exhibitionist and like people watching me, that’s why I never draw the curtains in my house and walk around naked a lot of the time and don’t worry about having sex or masturbating when the window is open for anyone to see, and I live in a one story house. Ones at street level can and do glance in when walking by.

The new neighbor in the house next to me discovered my show off streak when he happened to glance in and saw me on all fours in the doggy position with my boyfriend fucking me. I saw him walk by his window, which is only around eight feet from mine, and then he did a second glance and stopped to watch. I glanced over and smiled at him, so he knew I could see him watching. My boyfriend was too into fucking me to notice we had an audience. I didn’t mind and even reached down to rub my pussy, get my fingers wet with my juices, then stick them in my mouth to taste them as he watched.

The next time I masturbated I saw him being a bit more bold and not even watching from inside his window, but he was outside of my window. I pretended I didn’t see him, but I am sure he knew I knew he was there and jerking off. I feel like kind of a slut getting off by doing things like this, but it really turns me on and I can’t help but put on a little show when I know I’m being watched like this.

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