Slide It Inside

Most guys seem to love fucking a woman from behind. It’s about the number one position that guys give when I ask them what’s their favorite position to fuck in. I love getting it from behind as well, the feeling of it is incredible, and they can stimulate my clit or I can if they are too busy grabbing my tits or slapping my ass as they drill that dick into me. I will sometimes use my vibe when in that position, and then will put the vibe on their balls as we fuck and they seem to love it.

Guys can be more into vibes than we would think, and will seldom complain if you use one on them. Fucking from behind might not be the most intimate position, it’s the most animalistic one though and some guys love to get downright primal when it comes to sex and fucking. We are animals after all, and most animals fuck from behind as well. They like it primal too. Animals aren’t fucking face to face for intimacy, they are fucking to breed in the most efficient way possible, and that’s from behind. So if it’s good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me.

My breasts love to be squeezed and caressed, the nipples teased, grabbing them from behind works perfectly to do all of that and more. I like my neck being bitten and even a good ass fucking once that cock has done its job in my pussy. Fucking from behind has all kinds of fun advantages. Is it your favorite position as well? Why not call one of our sexy operators and have a nice little chat about it and you can tell her all you love about taking that pussy and filling it up with your cum, we’re waiting.

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