Halloween Fetish

I kind of have a Halloween fetish, what is that you say? Well October is my favorite month, and there’s lots of Halloween activities and parties and events that month, and I always try to hit as many as possible, going to costume parties every weekend, wearing masks and finding new lovers. I’m kind of slutty this month, since you can get away with wearing revealing costumes and masks, protecting your true identity and just getting away with more than usual. I went to my first Halloween bash this weekend, and it was a lot of fun, the people dressed up, and a lot of drinking as well.

I feel more liberated and free when wearing a mask and no one knows it’s me. I met this man there and he too was wearing a mask and he was dressed up as a sexy pirate and it didn’t take long for us to find a quiet room away from the main party and begin to fuck one another’s brains out. I never did see all of his face, nor he mine, and I was fine with that. I liked keeping the anonymity.

I sucked his cock and then he bent me over and fucked me from behind, we didn’t take our costumes off, just pulled them down, lifted them up, and made the most of a few clandestine moments, and we made the most of them. I felt like a slut sucking a strangers cock when I never even saw his full face as I said, but he had beautiful eyes, and a great cock, and I looked right in his eyes as I sucked him, my face mostly concealed by the mask, and it was so hot being intimate like this with a stranger and not knowing who he really was. Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

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