Flexible Fuck

I’ve always been very flexible and gifted with limber muscles, so my boyfriend asked how we could incorporate this into our sex life and experiment with new positions. He’s also in pretty good shape, so we were able to go through the Lama Sutra and do all kinds of the positions in there a lot of people that are larger nowadays would simply be unable to do. I said we could try sex standing up, and we gave it a go and both came pretty well from it, but it does require balance as well as flexibility, and even if you’re fairly flexible does not mean you have a good sense of balance.

Callers often fantasize about sex against a wall, picking the woman up and having her legs wrapped around them as they drill her against the wall, but honestly, not a lot of men have the sufficient upper body strength to lift a woman for that length of time a good fuck requires, so fantasy is one thing, being able to successfully execute it is something else. Standing sex is likely going to be the easiest for both parties with the woman bent over a chair and the guy standing up behind her, but one leg off the ground, or the man holding the woman, good luck on not falling over or the guys arms getting tired.

Porn has given people more ideas than ever before as to what positions they’d like to try, but how many of the viewers are in as good a shape and as fit as the porn actors? Not many, so while they may look animated and able to go for it, you and your partner in the same positions might not work out as hoped, but one can always try of course and see how it goes, it can never hurt to try.

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