Gangbang Party

I went to this party this weekend and it was a lot raunchier than I’d thought it would be, it actually was a sex party and I got talked into doing all kinds of naughty things I’d never done before. I was in a gangbang, and serviced many men, maybe five of them, and I had a dick in each hand as I sucked another one off. I felt like such a whore for doing those things to strangers I’d just met, but it was kind of fun.

There were a lot more men there than women, and the few women that were there each had around five or six guys to entertain. This friend of mine had brought me, but she hadn’t explained all that would be going on, but after I’d had a few drinks and was loosened up a bit, I got in the spirit and soon was stripped down and ready to please any cock that came my way. A few of the guys had really nice, large cocks and they were a pleasure to suck on. I loved stroking the cocks that were placed in my hands as well, pumping them up and down, and my mouth being filled by yet another.

I was soon having my ass lifted up from behind to service another man from behind, I felt his huge cock spreading me open and my pussy was filled to the max with that dick stretching me. I could feel him thrusting into me and his cum filled balls slapping against me and knowing I was soon going to be cumming hard on his cock. I loved it, and when I did cum, my contractions soon milked his dick and I was flooded with his cum. My mouth was filled soon after, and the ones in my hand were aimed at my face. I was one cum covered whore alright.

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