Blowing Smoke

Many might not think of smoking as sexy, but some men do find a woman smoking quite hot, especially when they are riding their cock and blowing smoke at the same time. Smokey blow jobs and smoke rings around the cock are also hot to guys into this particular fetish. One caller told me how his girlfriend would almost always light up a cigarette before she’d straddle his cock and give him a good ride. They’d do it in the dark with just the light of the window coming in and he’d see the smoky tendrils drifting upwards as she exhaled.

He can feel his cock getting sucked up into her milking pussy, watch the silhouette of her breasts and erect nipples and watch her head surrounded by a halo of smoke, it makes him even harder than normal when she smokes as they fuck. He can’t understand why it turns him on so. He told me when he was around twelve he tried smoking and his mom caught him and punished him badly, that’s pretty clear to me that’s the root cause of the fixation on it. So he sees smoking as a bad thing a taboo thing, so that makes it all the more appealing to him, so he seeks out these bad ladies that smoke.

The blow job drives him crazy, seeing this dragon like puffing of it from her lips around his dick, obviously there’s no feel to the smoke, just the look of it that gets him ultra aroused. He doesn’t smoke himself, just likes to be with women that do, but of course it’s not as easy to find a smoker as it once was decades ago, since many have quit, but he still likes it when he finds it, and has even visited smoking fetish websites to see sexy pics of women being sexual while they are smoking.

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