Week In Chastity

My boyfriend had made mention of the fact a few times that he might be interested in experiencing tease and denial. I of course wanted to get it a step further and thought about putting him in chastity. I had a devious plan in mind. He’d already gone a week without cumming, he’d had a very busy and stressful week at work and I’d had plans, and we simply had not found the time to get together, I was going to make this worse on him, but he didn’t know it yet.

I usually had him lick my pussy before we fucked, and I rode his tongue for a good long while and he made me cum three times, of course he then thought I’d ride him and he’d finally get his. I had decided that this was a perfect time to begin the tease and denial and get him into a chastity device. He was already rock hard from licking me, and I had blindfolded him and his cock was so hard. I decided not to touch it and let it go down so I could get the chastity device on him without telling him. It had an electronic lock on it that I’d set the date not to open for a week. So he felt me fumbling around down there and thought I must be using some kind of toy on him when there was the click of a lock and then I took his blindfold off of him and told him his cock was now officially in lockdown for the next seven days and there was no way to remove it.

The look of shock, horror and surprise on his face was priceless. He was speechless. I asked if I’d been mistaken when he’d spoken about tease and denial the wee before and he said no, well I said, I’ve taken this into my own hands now, you will know first hand what it is like. Of course he’d not expected to be put in cock lockdown after he’d already been deprived for a week, but I told him this just made the test all the greater. He couldn’t deny that, but it was the hardest I’ve laughed in a good long while. He will be counting the hours until he gets relief from his foray into unwilling chastity.

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