Hot, Drunken Sex

My guy had drunk a few too many whisky’s last night and was not the most gentle with me and that was fine, I like it a bit rough once in a while. We stumbled in the door after the bar closed and he was horny as fuck and started to grope me and peel my clothes off and we fell into bed and he really pinned me down hard and rammed that hard cock into me and started to pound my sweet little pussy. I was always wet for him, so it was no trouble when he slid into me, I always loved fucking him.

I already had hard nipples and a wet pussy, and soon wrapped my legs around him nice and tight and pumped him deeper into me with every thrust by putting my feet under his ass cheeks and getting him as deep into that cunt as I could get him. He kissed me deeply and passionately, and I ran my fingers through his hair. His dick was so hard, and it rubbed against my clit as we were fucking. I reached down and squeezed his ass in my hands, and I could feel waves of ecstasy throughout my body, it was really hot.

He changed positions a bit and put my legs over his shoulders and he was even deeper into me, and I knew I was going to cum so hard when I finally was pushed over that edge, and it wasn’t long to find out. I came explosively on his cock a moment later, and then he shot his load into me. Sometimes drunken sex can be hot. It’s uninhibited and sloppy and fun. We fell asleep soon after and fucked again the next morning, no complaints from me. His cock is always up tot he task of pleasing me.

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