The Jewish Cuckold

There’s this man that’s been calling and he’s a strict Jew, of course one never knows if what the caller is telling them is true, or just a fantasy. He says he and his wife are very strict, Orthodox Jews, and that they were both virgins when they married, but that he’s been obsessed for quite some time about watching her with another man. Of course she was horrified to even hear of such a thing, but he asked and asked and finally convinced her to go out to a bar and see if other men even paid her any attention, and of course they did.

They didn’t do anything that first night, but it opened up the conversation to talk about the possibility of it really happening. Not long after, the religious Jewish wife agreed to try, so she went to a bar alone and picked up a man and went back to his place and slept with the first man she’d ever slept with other than her husband. She then came home and told her husband a little, but not much details due to her extreme shyness.

He was so aroused knowing she was out with another man, he thinks she’s too shy to ever allow her husband to watch, but he thinks in time she might be convinced to let him watch her with another man. Cuckold fantasies are one of the most common ones for phone sex calls, there is of course always that individual spin on them that makes them personalized to that exact caller. It’s not often one gets callers that describe themselves as religiously strict, or religious at all, so that’s why this caller stands out more than usual, because he and his wife have no experience other than with one another and after marriage.

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