The Hot Dog Game

When I was a teen I wanted to save myself for someone I really loved, so the guy that was my first boyfriend of course was always trying to get me to have sex with him, but I just wouldn’t go all the way, and it was several more years until I did with my second boyfriend, but I would let my first boyfriend rub his cock on my pussy, just not put it inside, so we used to play what we’d call “the hot dog game.” Sounds silly, I realize, but he had the wiener and I had the bun! So he’d rub it all over my cunt and my clit that way.

I came countless times that way even though there was no penetration involved at all, it still felt good and we’d masturbate together as well and watch each other and touch each other, but he never put that dick inside of me. Maybe I was being silly not letting him, but at that age I just didn’t feel quite ready yet. Of course we could even talk about the hot dog game in front of our own parents and they had no clue what we were talking about, so it was extra fun to be naughty that way and say such ridiculous things like that.

We spent many a night playing that way. I wouldn’t let him cum near my cunt though, since even with no penetration, you could still get pregnant, I knew a girl that had that happen to her and no one believed her, but I did, since I played the same way with my own boyfriend, so we were careful, but it’s hard when they want to put it in so badly and you tell them no and then when they want to cum on your pussy and you won’t let them do that either. Fond memories of youth and playing those games.

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