Happy Ending

I have always loved a good massage, I’ve treated myself to ones many times over the years. The spa I use recently got a few new employees, and one of them was so good looking, I couldn’t resist asking him if he ever gave “happy ending massages” and he said that could be arranged. I wanted to see what he was like, so I told him I’d tip him extra, and he gave me a wonderful, relaxing massage with these fragrant oils and when I rolled over on my back, I tossed the towel on the floor and said I looked forward to what he could do for me.

I was just expecting hands, not oral or anything, and he rubbed me down so wonderfully, I was just writhing under his touch, and he knew I was getting worked up and was teasing me accordingly. He finally went for my pussy with his well lubed up hands and I was loving every second of it and he found my clit already stiff and waiting for him. He had a certain way of moving his fingers that just drove me wild and I knew he was so well practiced there was no way he wasn’t doing this on the regular.

He knew exactly the right spots to touch and I was thrilled I’d asked him, I’d have hated to have missed out on this kind of pleasure. I was brought to the brink of orgasm and back again several times and then just exploded, but bit my lip to keep from alerting others. I didn’t want my shrieks of pleasure echoing throughout the spa alerting everyone to the naughty goings on. I wasn’t going to tell a soul, I told him that, loose lips sink ships and all of that, you never know who will say something to the wrong person and then it’s ruined for everyone. He appreciated my discretion and I said I’d book another one the next month.

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