Room For Rent

Several years ago when I wasn’t doing so well, I had a difficult decision to make. I was just not making enough money to live on until a better job came along, and a man I knew said he had a deal for me, but he wasn’t sure I would take it. I decided to hear him out. He knew I needed a place to live, as my current one was too expensive and I was desperate. He told me I could live with him rent free, and food as well, but I’d be sharing a bed with him and he expected “companionship” five nights a week. I really had no choice, so I took the deal.

For the next three years I lived with this man and was able to really get ahead, put some savings aside, but I had to service him sexually on demand and do some cooking as well. It wasn’t so bad honestly, he wasn’t bad looking and he was fairly decent in bed, and I thought it was a fair trade off. I didn’t have time to get a second job, I wanted to go to night school, so with the available hours I had, he took a lot less of my time. It really amounted to not much more than thirty minutes of my time five days a week.

He liked fairly vanilla sex thank goodness, so nothing disgusting was required of me, he tried his best to make me cum and sometimes he was able to, so I can’t say it was a distasteful situation. Most of my friends didn’t understand why I had this older man as my live in boyfriend, and I didn’t enlighten them about the true nature of our arrangement. I learned a lot, compromise is important, and I could be very giving, since I found if I was, he usually came faster, so I could leave faster. I had my own room, but we always had sex in his room. This sort of arrangement is growing more popular, many think it’s unfair and preying on people’s desperation for a roof over their head, but it worked for me while it lasted and I left once I got the degree I’d been working towards and the job of my dreams.

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