Pleasure Delivery

There’s this sweet, young delivery boy that brings me my medication from the pharmacy. He always blushes when he sees me and I kind of like teasing him when he’s in that state. I asked him if he had a girlfriend because he was so cute and his cheeks flushed red and he stammered no. I asked if he’d like one and he turned an even deeper shade of pink. He meekly said, he guessed so. I knew this submissive young man just needed to be guided, led by an older woman to see all that was out there sexually.

I knew I was the last delivery of the day so when I reached behind him and closed the door, he began to look a bit worried, which made me laugh. I said not to be afraid, that I don’t bite unless asked. He let me lead him by the hand down the hall to my bedroom and I started to undress, and then I undressed him and sat him, near frozen with silence and I got down on the floor in front of him and took his already rock hard cock in my hand and start to pump it and kiss it. I heard him groan lightly and he just melted. It was fun to take control of this young, submissive boy.

He was able to hold out longer than I thought he would before blowing into my mouth. He then leaned back on the bed and it seemed only seconds until he was hard again and I straddled him and began to ride his cock. When he felt me lower down onto his cock, he said he was a virgin. “Not anymore,” I responded. He let me take total control and I soon came on his young dick and felt him squirt inside of me and it was a lot of fun. I told him afterwards to always make sure I was his last delivery, he nodded his head and left.

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