Growing Interest in Trannies

There’s a lot of guys calling phone sex lines these days that want to talk about trannies and being with them. Even more are mentioning going to shemale escorts, or wanting to even if they haven’t had the nerve to just yet. Some older men are calling that are in a stage of late transitioning, where they are now senior citizens and feel they have been living a lie their whole life and now that they don’t have much of their lives left, it’s time to be “who they really are,” and that is apparently a woman.

So many callers that want the trannies or shemales swear up and down they are not gay, they don’t want men, but they sure do crave cock and want a cock on a person that looks like a woman. One caller actually said “there’s nothing as feminine as a woman with a cock.” I was speechless at such a ridiculous statement, but people will feel what they feel no matter how absurd it seems to most other people. The growing trend of them being in the public eye has made them more desirable to many men that are seeking something different sexually than they have ever sampled before.

They aren’t hurting one, it’s just quite a different fetish to be sure, and one more and more are showing an interest in as it goes more and more mainstream. Most of the male callers wish to be dominated by the trannies, they want to be the submissive partners. Many mention waiting their current female partners to use a strap on or a dildo on them, so they seem more submissive to begin with, to have a real cock fucking them would only make that even more so.

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