Adult Virgins Calling Phone Sex Lines

Most people likely do not even give adult virgins a thought, they think they must be some weird, laughable geek, or some religious nut living in another century, but the fact is, there’s more adult virgins today than ever before. Youth is being extended and this generation has delayed having sex longer than any other. Some will never make that leap into adulthood, that milestone that many take for granted as a rite of passage. Many of the adult virgins call phone sex lines, since masturbation is their only sexual release.

Social life does not come easy for everyone, some will have physical disabilities that most will not consider them a romantic partner because of, others are suffering from crippling shyness, so phone sex is a natural extension of their masturbatory lives. Many are scared to go to an escort for everything from getting caught up in a police raid, to catching a disease, all real possibilities, so they do what they can to make their masturbating a bit more exciting and learn to talk to women a bit more easily than they would in real life.

Callers will admit they are virgins more often than one would imagine. Ones from their late teens, to their sixties, this isn’t just for ones that are eighteen and haven’t found someone yet, men in their sixties will tell stories about how nothing has ever worked out for them with women, and they have just accepted that this is what their life will be. It’s sad, but if they won’t go to an escort to fix it, there’s not much I can do other than listen to them. Some are genuinely afraid of women and physical intimacy, so phone sex is as comfortable as they will ever be around women in a sexual capacity.

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