First Lesbian Experience

When I was in college, the girl that was my roommate was a lesbian. She was always asking me if I’d tried this or that with a girl, and the answer was always no, until she asked if I’d ever masturbated with a girl, and I had when I was younger, one time. I had discovered masturbating and had told my young friend about it and she was curious to try this so I showed her what I did and she tried it and she liked the feeling of it very much and she was able to make herself have an orgasm like I did when I touched myself.

We never spoke of it again or did it again, but I felt a sort of pride that I’d showed her how to masturbate and I’ve wondered many times since if she went on to do it regularly and have as much fun doing it as I did my whole life. My lesbian roommate was listening with apt interest and asked if I’d like to masturbate with another girl in the same room again and I felt a bit shy, but I said I’d be willing to try it. So she asked if we could try this tonight and I said yes, I’d like to.

When we were almost ready to go to sleep we turned the lights out and began to do it, we couldn’t see anything, but we could hear other, the heavy breathing, the wetness sounds of rubbing quickly, and the moans, it was hot and we began to do this a few times a week. One night she asked if we could do it laying on the same bed and I said that was ok, so we were laying next to one another and soon she kissed me as we were masturbating. This increased and eventually we were touching each other. I do miss that roommate at times.

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