It’s Exciting To Watch

Masturbating in front of a mirror can be very arousing, you not only get to feel the fantastic sensations your fingers are making, or a toy if that’s your preferred method of masturbating, but you get the added level of visual arousal on top of that, and many people love to watch as well as just to feel the sensations. Many women started out masturbating and learning about their bodies and vaginas with magnifying hand held mirrors, it’s a wonderful to learn about yourself up close and personal.

Some women have always been shy and never even looked at their lady parts with a hand held mirror, which is honestly a shame, we all should know our own bodies better than anyone else. How can you be expecting a partner to know your body when you yourself have not even taken the time to properly explore yourself. Educate yourself before you even bring a partner into it.

Watching your fingers tease yourself in the mirror as you masturbate can be very exciting and a visual thrill, sort of like your own homemade, private little porno. You can see things in a mirror that you simply cannot looking down at yourself, Magnifying mirrors in particular are wonderful for seeing things in a way we never could ourselves. You can actually watch the post orgasmic contractions, watch the wetness coat your pussy lips and spread it around with your fingertips and expose your stiffened little cit from her hood and watch how she stands at attention as you rub her. Mirrors can indeed be a wonderful to not only enhance your masturbation, but learn about your own body and be less shy about it.

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