Getting Caught

Recently I did a favor for a friend and things got a bit difficult. This friend of mine has a teenage son and while he’s old enough to look after himself, she didn’t trust him not to have any wild parties or anything when she had to go out of town over night so she asked if I could stay at her place while she was gone, since she knew he wouldn’t have anyone over if I was there looking over his shoulder. It was calm, I made us dinner and he went upstairs soon after to his room and I stayed downstairs watching t.v.

They had premium cable channels I do not, so I stayed up rather late watching programs and I assumed he’d gone to bed and I started to watch this soft porn movie on and I was getting pretty aroused watching it and I slipped my hand down my panties to touch myself and I was masturbating right there on their sofa and was lost in what I was doing and all of a sudden I looked up and he was there watching me. He’d come down to get a snack and I could see he was hard.

He looked over at what was on the t.v. and then at my hand down my panties and he started to rub himself over his jeans. Not one word was said, but he got out his cock and started to masturbate with me. He had a big cock and I wanted to suck it, but I knew I’d best not overstep my duties. He stroked it as I continued to rub myself and we both soon came without speaking. We never spoke a word of it and he went back upstairs after he came and I was more turned on than ever knowing a teenaged boy had seen me masturbate.

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