Tickle, Tickle, Tickle!


One of the things so many clients call up doing is using anal toys on themselves. Sometimes even their wives or girlfriends toys they have no clue their naughty, dirty men are putting their sex toys up their asses. One can only hope they clean them off afterwards, but knowing most men, I’m not banking on it.

Prostate massage is supposed to be the male equivalent of the female G spot orgasm, one so powerful that they can ejaculate without even touching their cocks. Must suck for ones that in later life have to get their prostate removed if they had powerful orgasms that way and that’s no longer an option. Not all women are going to be comfortable sliding their fingers up their man’s backsides even to give them pleasure. For some it’s just a no go zone and they do not want to go there. It’s incredible how many on the phone mention this and are doing something to stimulate themselves anally, usually without telling their partners because of it being a no go zone for many women.

It just seems medical, like giving an exam, and for many, ass anything is off limits, so the guys resort to toys when they masturbate, since their ladies are not going to give them a helping hand so to speak. Many toys are shaped just for this purpose to give that kind of orgasm, thought some men are nervous to get such toys for fear their wife or girlfriend finds them. If you have a willing partner though and they don’t mind, try it out and see if she can hit your internal pleasure zone, you just might like it!

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