My Brother’s Friend

When I was growing up, I had a big crush on my older brother’s friend. He was over at the house a lot and sometimes stayed overnight if they’d been playing video games late into the night. He didn’t have that happy of a home life, so he was allowed to stay over a fair bit. One thing my parents and brother never knew though was that he and I were fucking after the rest of them had gone to sleep. It was a big risk really, since if they’d found out, he’d not have been allowed to stay over anymore or maybe come around at all.

My parents both seemed to be deep sleepers though and they never caught on that I’d sneak into the spare room and fuck him after they were down for the night. We would be as quiet as we could, sometimes fucking on a comforter on the floor rather than in the bed, since we didn’t want the squeaking bed to alert anyone, and if someone by chance came in, he would have told them the floor was better for his back and I could have rolled under the bed, but that never happened thank goodness.

I was always glad when I knew he was going to stay over and would be waiting for all to fall asleep. I’d walk down the hall naked to go see him and jump on him and he’d tease my pussy and kiss me until I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore and would beg for his cock in me and he never disappointed me. He’d fill me up and make me cum over and over and I had to be dead quiet and not moan with the pleasure I felt so deeply within me. This lasted for a few years and after he went away to college it never happened again, but we both have many fond memories of the sexy times we shared together.

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