Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When I was younger, I fooled around with a few girlfriends of mine. We had all kinds of fun, and tried all kinds of kinky things. I was more experimental with them than with my boyfriends I had in the near future. Licking one another’s pussies, using double dildos, mutual masturbation, there was all kinds of fun to be had. Sleepovers were particularly fun. None of our parents had any idea the sorts of things that were going on behind closed doors. They’d never have allowed the sleepovers if they knew.

One friend I had that had discovered masturbation before me asked if I’d tried it yet and I said no and she wanted to show me how so she asked if she could touch me to show me, and I said sure. I’ll never forget how her fingers felt on my untouched pussy and how she went right for my clit and I was soon getting wet with excitement and how good it felt once I did. My mom sold sex toys at the time, like those parties like they have for Tupperware, only for sex toys. When she’d get these sample kits sent for the parties, sometimes I’d take a couple that were for the display. She never seemed to notice.

I was a naughty girl with my friends and the stolen sex toys. I first was penetrated by a dildo and showed my friends as well and they would try it as well. Once I had a real cock in me, it was almost a disappointment in comparison to the dildo. I spent plenty of time masturbating and playing with my girlfriends. We’d often have contests to see who could cum more times in a short amount of time. I usually won. I could cum very easily. Oh, the sweet memories of youth.

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My Brother’s Friend

When I was growing up, I had a big crush on my older brother’s friend. He was over at the house a lot and sometimes stayed overnight if they’d been playing video games late into the night. He didn’t have that happy of a home life, so he was allowed to stay over a fair bit. One thing my parents and brother never knew though was that he and I were fucking after the rest of them had gone to sleep. It was a big risk really, since if they’d found out, he’d not have been allowed to stay over anymore or maybe come around at all.

My parents both seemed to be deep sleepers though and they never caught on that I’d sneak into the spare room and fuck him after they were down for the night. We would be as quiet as we could, sometimes fucking on a comforter on the floor rather than in the bed, since we didn’t want the squeaking bed to alert anyone, and if someone by chance came in, he would have told them the floor was better for his back and I could have rolled under the bed, but that never happened thank goodness.

I was always glad when I knew he was going to stay over and would be waiting for all to fall asleep. I’d walk down the hall naked to go see him and jump on him and he’d tease my pussy and kiss me until I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore and would beg for his cock in me and he never disappointed me. He’d fill me up and make me cum over and over and I had to be dead quiet and not moan with the pleasure I felt so deeply within me. This lasted for a few years and after he went away to college it never happened again, but we both have many fond memories of the sexy times we shared together.

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He Didn’t Think My Tits Were Real

I had an embarrassing moment recently at a store. I was on my way out after buying a few things and a guard stopped me and said I was under arrest for shoplifting. I showed him the receipt in the bag I had with me for the goods I’d paid for. He said they were not the goods in question. He said I had stolen merchandise down my top and was leaving without paying for it. I told him I had big breasts, and there was nothing down my top but them. He wouldn’t believe me and grabbed me and took me back into the store into a small office behind the customer service area. I was livid.

He picked up the phone and said he was about to call the police and I said save yourself the call, you fucking moron and I pulled my top up exposing my tits in their bra, and then I even unhooked the bra and tossed it on his desk. You could tell it was not a new bra, it was faded in color and had some snags in it from being washed so many times. I asked him again if he would like to accuse me of stealing something. He was so shocked and embarrassed and he babbled out an apology. I told him I was going to go to the press about this and embarrass the store as I myself had been embarrassed. Dozens of people had seen me ushered into that office and assumed I was guilty when I’d done nothing wrong.

To make matters worse, I could see he was getting a huge erection from seeing my exposed tits right in front of him and he started to masturbate right then and there and I told him the press would hear about that as well. I asked him if I was free to go and he begged me to remain until he came which was a moment later. His eyes were riveted to my huge breasts as he jerked off quickly. I gathered up my purse and shopping bag and told him to keep an eye on the news, they would hear about this!

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The Married Man

Years ago there was a man I liked, but I wasn’t aware he was married until after we’d slept together. I was pretty mad at first, since he should have revealed that beforehand, but I’d had a good time and liked him. I wasn’t looking for a serious, long term relationship, so maybe this was just the ticket. We saw each other every week, when his wife went to an out of town class for a few hours with a friend. They would have dinner and then go to the class, he had around four hours a week, and we usually spent them in bed together.

It worked for a while and both of us got what we wanted, hot sex, no strings, no commitments. I told my girlfriend I was seeing a married man and she didn’t approve, so I didn’t bring it up again. Her mom had been cheated on, so she didn’t have a favorable view of the other woman, I learned. I never brought it up again. He had a nice cock and he was patient, he never rushed me, always loved to go down on me and make me cum as many times as I wanted before he’d even think of going for an orgasm himself. He was a very considerate lover and I was happy to have him, even if for only four hours a week.

He was in great shape, so am I, so we could get into all kinds of fun and unusual positions. I used to do gymnastics in school and was still pretty flexible, which can come in very handy in the bedroom, I’ve learned. I would try and refrain from masturbating during the week until our night together so I’d be good and horny for him and we’d fuck a few times and he was always happy to go down on me, as I said. I liked sucking him as well. He said his wife wouldn’t, so I was more than happy to step in and help the poor, deprived man out.

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I Took His Ass

Some guys like the lady to take control. No problem, I like being in control and showing them who’s boss. I even suggested to one of my boyfriends a while ago I thought he was lacking in confidence and dominance and I thought what he really craved and needed was a big strap on, right up his ass. The look of shock, nearly horror on his face was priceless. I loved seeing him so uncomfortable, it amused me. I told him it was time I was taking the lead in this relationship, and if he was not comfortable with that, then he’d need to get out of my life.

No word of a lie he got up and sank before me, took one of my feet in his hands and kissed the top of it and called me Mistress. I said that was more like it. He said he now accepted the dynamic of our relationship and I ordered him to crawl to the bedroom. He did as he was told. I told him to open the bag on the top of the bed and he did so without question. Inside was a strap on and harness. He arranged them and I was soon stepping into the harness and commanding him to get on all fours on the bed.

I then got the lube and moistened the toy and inserted it into his ass. He groaned, unaccustomed to it’s girth. He soon knelt down on his elbows, ass up, and took the length of it in. It did not take him long to cum, with no penile stimulation. He said he now accepted his fate as a submissive man. Thus began the education of his servitude towards me. I was in total control and I loved it. He asked why I’d waited so long to put him in his place. The time was now.

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