The Dirty Dinner

When I invited my first boyfriend home to have dinner with my family it seemed like a normal thing to do. I had no idea it would turn into a very naughty evening. We were all at the table and chatting and eating and I then felt his hand slip to my thigh and then between my legs. I tensed and he withdrew. We did this over and over and finally I relented, since I was afraid if I rebuffed much longer his arm movements would get stronger and we’d be discovered. I was getting fingered at the table as I had dinner with my family. I had to pretend nothing was happening other than dinner.

I was crazy about my boyfriend, it took nothing to give in to him, and he certainly used this to his advantage. My parents were honestly kind of clueless, but it was my siblings I was worried about, especially my teenage brother. I played it cool and continued to talk about the upcoming school play as he toyed with my clit and made me feel like I was about to cum. This was very inappropriate and naughty, yet I allowed it.

When my mom got up to get dessert and was a bit distracted, he really sped up the motions of his hand and I gripped the edge of the table and bit my lip until it nearly bled. He indeed did make me cum. I managed to keep my eyes open and not make my usual “orgasm face”, but I felt beyond wicked having allowed this. To this day I don’t think any of them caught on, but I must have been beet red from the shame of such a thing. Oh well, the things we do in our youth, right? It was a dinner to remember.

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He Took More Than My Picture

I decided to get my boyfriend some sexy pics taken of myself for his birthday and called up this studio I’d walked by a few times to make an appointment. I asked if it was ok to have some sexy type of pics taken and they said sure. It was a one man operation it seemed, so as long as he was good with it, no worries. I’d never seen the photographer before, and was surprised he was a good deal younger than I’d thought. I always picture a photographer as a man in his late fifties for some reason. I liked the photos I’d seen in the window, so thought he’d be just fine. He was closer to thirty.

I asked when I arrived if he did many of these types of sessions and he said no, only a few a year. He took a few pics of me fully clothed and then began to ask me to undress. I’d worn some sexy lingerie under the dress, and looked pretty hot I thought. I know I really shouldn’t have, but he was so handsome I began to flirt with him and he flirted back. I began to get more and more comfortable posing in increasingly naughty poses. I was soon nude.

He came over to me to help pose me and I reached out for his cock, which was obviously hard in his pants. I soon had him unzipped and in my mouth. I looked him right in the eye as I sucked him. I was soon being bent over the couch I’d been posing on and taking it from behind. He had a nice, stiff cock and knew how to use it. He reached around and rubbed my clit and it felt so good. He made me cum that way, with his fingers on my clit as he pounded me from behind. I felt him squirt into me and we were both breathing hard. He said he had enough shots, I got dressed and he said he’d call me in a week or so to come look. I certainly won’t tell my boyfriend about what happened when I give him the pictures.

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Touching One Another

Last night I had a very hot evening with my boyfriend. We’d planned on a special evening, since we’ve been apart for the last few weeks and we finally were able to reunite. We started slow and sensual and kissed for the longest time. Then he started to rub my pussy and I began to stroke his cock. It was so hot to touch one another after weeks of not doing it. I love the way he makes me cum with his fingers. He usually likes to bring me to three orgasms, once by hand, then by mouth, then by cock.

Sometimes touching by hands is enough for us both, especially if we are tired but still horny. Making love can be exhausting if done right, so sometimes a hand job is just enough and not too much energy is expelled that way. I got out my favorite lube and drizzled it on his cock and then began to just gently caress his hardened cock and his began to drip. My pussy was plenty slippery even without adding any lube to it. His fingers slid easily in and around my shaved pussy. He always knows just how to touch my little clit, teasing me to the point of cumming, then slowing down and then bringing me over that edge again.

I love to cum for him. It’s always a much more intense orgasm when you share it with someone than when alone. The fact he can hear every intake of my breath, feel every quiver of my flesh, I just love that kind of intimacy between us. I never understand couples that don’t have a good sex life, it’s one of the most enjoyable things to me in the world. We a very good match sexually and both look forward to our time together.

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Are You a Switch?

Some guys can be what they call a switch. I can think of one caller in particular that used to be a lot of fun. Once in a blue moon he’d have a dominant streak overcome him and I’d be his tied up whore. I’d get spanked, whipped, punished. Worship his cock on my knees and call him “Sir.” Most times though he was the one tied up, and wearing women’s shoes, which he’d email me pics of his feet in these huge pumps and he’d have me threaten to email his wife with the pics of his feet in the pumps. Of course the email address he’d give that was “hers” was just a different one of his that he created. He was a creative one for sure.

Some guys will right off the bat say they want you to take down their wife’s or girlfriend’s phone number to call them and blackmail them with. I don’t get into that sort of thing, but some phone sex ladies just might. Not sure how far they’d actually let something like that go. They like to as we say, “top from the bottom.” Make you think you are in charge, when in fact they are in charge all along. Being a switch comes naturally to this personality type.

Some will always be dominant, some will always be submissive, the switch depends on their mood. I don’t know who could honestly respect a submissive male, it’s such an unattractive quality. Little beta cucks, they deserve to be ground into the dirt. A switch at least likes to change things up from time to time depending on their mood, that at least seems a bit more respectable. It takes all kinds, that’s for sure. Not many go both ways, so the ones that do stand out.

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The Good Old Days

A caller was telling me how to this day he still fantasizes about his teenage years and the girlfriend that he had, even though it was decades ago. He would go down to her basement when he’d visit and they’d be left alone down there for hours at a time, usually watching movies or t.v., but many times things would get hot and heavy and no one ever interrupted them. He said how much he loved to get her off with his fingers. He’d be kissing her neck from behind and wrapping his arms around her and play with her breasts and then his hand would slip lower.

He said most times as soon as he felt her up over her panties she’d be wet from arousal and he’d slip his fingers inside her panties and tease her already stiff clit and smooth her juices over it. He’d often lick her wetness from his fingers, or lift his fingers to her lips for her to taste herself. He’d make her quiver from his touch and then make love to her right there on the sofa. Technically anyone could walk in at any time, but they never did.

She gave her virginity to him right there in her basement with her parents upstairs. They would kiss for hours, getting so close to cumming without even touching below the waist, and then they’d be so heated up, it didn’t take long once they began to actually fuck for them to cum. That extreme buildup can be very sexy and lead to a blockbuster of an orgasm for sure. That kind of intensity we have in our teens is usually never again matched in life. Hence why memories of teenage sexual experiences last with us a lifetime and always hold a special place in our hearts.

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