Fucking in the House of Mirrors

I always liked going to fairs and carnivals, and one I went to recently with my boyfriend was a very naughty little adventure for us. One of the last attractions we ventured into was the house of mirrors. I think we were around the last ones to go in, the closing time was not far off. I became enchanted with all the mirrors and our reflections in them. We’d had sex at home in front of mirrors a few times, and I always really enjoyed it. I’m very visual. I’d even talked about getting a mirror over the bed at one point, but decided against the expense.

Here we were in this house of mirrors and I started to get the same kinds of naughty feelings. I could not hear anyone else moving around inside and I asked my boyfriend what he thought of a quickie right here in the house of mirrors, looking at our reflections on all sides. My only regret being I knew we couldn’t get totally naked in case someone did come in and we had to quickly run out. He got a wicked grin on his face and said he loved the idea.

We kept most of our clothes on, I lowered my jeans around my waist and he just pulled the crotch of my panties to the side, and he unzipped himself and I was soon filled with his cock and we could watch ourselves in all the different angles from the reflection of all the mirrors. It was hot, I was really turned on and so wished we could have gotten totally naked. I fingered my clit as he fucked me from behind and I soon came and that of course triggered his orgasm. I stood up, pulled my jeans up and out we went, no one the wiser. I think I might have to revisit the idea of the mirror overt he bed. I think we’d enjoy it a lot.

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The Mattress Delivery

I treated myself recently and bought myself a new bed. The old one was over ten years old and my back was sore when I’d wake up, so I sprung for a new one. I’d gone into the store and picked out the one I liked and ordered it. I like a lot of room in a bed, so even though I sleep alone, I bought a queen sized bed. The guys delivering it brought it up and set it up. I was the last delivery of the day. The first guy took off and said he was getting home, I wondered about the second man, since how was he going to get home? He said he just lived a couple of blocks away, so he was just planning on walking home.

The bed looked great and he suggested my partner and myself would sleep great in it. I spoke up and said there was no partner, just myself. He asked why such a large bed just for myself and I said I liked a lot of room and tossed and turned a lot. I thought he was great looking, very fit from hauling around these heavy beds all day long and then I got really bold. I said I masturbated a lot and liked a lot of room to be comfortable. The look on his face was priceless. I then burst out laughing and said I couldn’t believe I said that out loud, he laughed as well.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he joined me. It wasn’t long until we were rolling around on the bed. It was still wrapped in plastic and crinkled as we moved. He slid out of his jeans and I lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties off to the side at the crotch and he sunk into my wet pussy. I felt like such a slut, fucking this stranger that came to deliver my bed, and we had a fast and furious fuck. He left soon after, but I might call on him again soon since he’s so close by!

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Spying on the Fags Next Door

My next door neighbors are gay. They don’t seem to cause much trouble, I have nothing to do with them though. They occasionally have company, but don’t cause any noise, which is my main concern. My bedroom window faces theirs and they were having company the night I happened to be walking through my bedroom to get something and I hadn’t turned on my bedroom light, so they couldn’t see me in there watching them. There were three of them in there and they were having a threesome. I couldn’t help but watch. I’d never seen such a thing before.

I had to admit, it did get me aroused. They were both giving the one guy a blow job, one sucking his balls, the other with his dick down his throat. They were clearly enjoying their little get together and all of them had raging erections. I’m sure there was a lot of moaning going on, but as the windows were closed, I’ll never know for sure. After the blow job, two of them started to rub their cocks together and it was quite arousing to watch. I could feel myself growing wet and I stood there and began to masturbate.

I put one foot up on the edge of the bed and was fingering myself watching this live porn show in the neighbors window. I felt guilty spying on them, but I just couldn’t look away. I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers in and out of my pussy as I watched them pleasure one another. Eventually I came and they were still at it, but it had been a different thing to watch, that’s for sure. They will never know what I saw, and I know it’s none of my business anyway, but I will check that window when I see they have company the next time!

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Oooh Baby!

Who didn’t have some hot teenaged experiences? I can well recall not using birth control and telling my boyfriend not to cum inside me, so he’d pull out and squirt all over my tummy when we’d fuck. By the grace of God I never got knocked up, but it was just so hot and I always wanted him to shoot inside of me anyway. He had much more willpower than I did. He’d tease me so long, dragging his hard cock up and down my wet, slippery slit against my clit, making me beg for him to slide it inside of me.

I wanted it so badly, he’d make me cum with his rubbing his cock head against me and then he’d lick me before even thinking of putting it inside of me. He always took care of me multiple times before he’d let himself cum. He was such a good boy for me. I’m sure many of us have similar experiences where there would be that last minute pull out and get a belly or tits covered in cum as it came jettisoning out of that hard, young cock all over us to avoid baby making. That kind of risky sex can always be so hot.

Some guys also just love to cover their partners in cum just to mark their territory. Tits, face, belly, ass, they love it. Some women love to be covered in that cream, it’s like a gift from their man and they love to cherish it. Others of us, not so much. It just depends on the people involved. Some will find it highly erotic and kinky, others will find it horribly degrading, everyone has a different set of what they find acceptable and desirable. I know I found it hot, and even now, once in a while even though no chance of getting knocked up, it’s fun to have them blow their load on your tummy.

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Hispanic Humiliation

Most callers for racial humiliation are black, but occasionally you do get some Mexicans, Orientals, and Indians and Middle Easterners. Personally, I find them fun and easy calls, but not all operators will do them. Their snowflake sensibilities are offended. I had a Mexican on the phone this morning and he loved to be called beaner boy and taco eater. I even played mariachi music in the background during the call as I hollered out, “Andale, Andale, Arriba Arriba!” He loved it, he loved all the effort, from the music to the Speedy Gonzales reference. It’s not just blacks who enjoy being humiliated. Many races love it.

They really can be creative calls to pull out every reference you’ve ever had about the culture they come from quickly and in a nutshell. Some are a lot of fun, from the tiny dicked Asians, to the self hating Jews that say they deserve to be sent to the ovens and turned to dust. It’s odd how ones enjoy being humiliated about something they can’t change no matter what they’d be willing to do about it. They are beating their dick like it owes them money as I verbally berate and humiliate them. Sounds crazy, but hey, if that’s what they like, why not.

These calls are fairly common, and only one woman caller has ever asked for it, a black lady. So it’s not just men exclusively into it. She said she doesn’t masturbate during the calls, but sometimes afterwards, thinking of me telling her off and speaking of placing my foot on her lowly, nigress cunt. You do have to be imaginative to come up with some of the things calls like these require, and not have issue with the topic, as some do. Bring your tacos beaner boys, we’re ready for you.

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