Please Don’t Let My Girlfriend Take Big, Black Cock

I had one on the line this week crying about a fantasy he has about his girlfriend getting gangbanged by a bunch of black guys. The BBC spectacular in his mind. He wants his girlfriend to love the big, black cock and for himself to abhor her taking it yet having to watch. I had him crying talking about her taking it, relishing it, and getting knocked up by it with the half breed babies he was going to have to financially support and how she’d be making a fool out of him with everyone seeing her kids they know he didn’t father yet was having to support.

He was worked up crying, begging for her not to want the BBC that was sooo much bigger than his pathetic cock was. He couldn’t stand a that lady like his girlfriend was going to be a slave to big, black cock once she had a taste of what it was like compared to his. She was loving every minute of the one in her pussy, ass, and in each hand and mouth, and who know of how many who fucked her which one was actually going to get her pregnant. One of them was, and I joked and said maybe it would be twins by two different fathers! He practically screamed at that remark! LOL……

Men with smaller than average, I believe his was 4 1/2 inches, cocks often worry about their women running around on them and cheating on them behind their backs due to their not being able to satisfy them. The cuckold scenario is a popular one and more often than not the guys want to see their women with are black, due to so many black guys having a larger than average sized cock, so it’s a natural combination for them to have in their mind.

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