The Highlight Of Their Day

One of my better clients that regularly goes to see escorts was telling me all these naughty things he does with her even though he’s married and he and his wife have a regular sex life, just not nearly as hot and varied as he’d like to have. One of the new things he and the escort tried was watersports, he asked her to pee on him and he loved it, then said how badly he wished we could meet and I pee on him…I jokingly retorted ask wifey to do it and save yourself the escorts fee. He said there’s no way his wife would consider it and if she knew he was going to escorts she’d divorce him.

I said wouldn’t it be idea for a man to seek all things he desired from one woman rather than all the ones he was involved with and paid. There’s me the phone girl, a few different escorts he sees including tranny ones. He said I was thinking like a woman, that a man needed different women to fulfill different roles to him. Keep everyone in their place and all would be fine. The fantasy you’d think most men would have would be one ideal woman that can fill all needs, yet for some apparently that is not the ideal at all.

Variety is the most important thing to some and keeping all roles of all people in your life separate and in their appropriate little boxes. Escorts and phone girls do serve a need for variety for men like this, and for some men that have no women in their lives, we are that cornerstone of sexual comfort for them. All that some have. One told me I’m usually the highlight of his day. In his Willy Loman like existence he seems to have, that doesn’t really shock me he’d say such a thing. It just goes to show how different the needs are of the men that call us.

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