Look At Me


A top fantasy for many women is being watched by their partner as they masturbate. I guess it’s a fantasy and not a reality for all because some are too intimidated to try it. I guess they feel too vulnerable to be themselves that way. I can understand. Many of us are self conscious about our bodies and especially at that moment when things might be jiggling and shaking about.

We would love to give them what they want, to see us in that light they so desire, but to feel so on display like that, for many it’s just too uncomfortable to do. Many ladies don’t mind putting themselves on display like that, but for others it’s just too much. I guess it depends on how comfortable you feel. Personally, I couldn’t imagine a woman allowing a man she loves to watch her give birth, yet women do everyday and they get past it. Maybe it’s just me who’s so self conscious. If we all had bodies like a Playboy model, I can see letting go and being free to play with yourself in front of your partner, but most of us don’t.

Men are visual and love to see their ladies get naughty in front of them. Web cam sex wouldn’t be so popular if guys didn’t want to watch women masturbate. Fingers stroking their pussies, playing with their nipples. Many love to watch their partners use toys and insert them into themselves. If you feel comfortable, go ahead, you’re partner will thank you for it. Maybe it is time to move this one from fantasy to reality. We are usually our own worst critic, and see flaws our partners will overlook.

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