Can You Take It?


Some people, men and women, have the fantasy to take a toy so big, that it’s out the realm of reality that a cock that size exists. I don’t get the appeal of taking such a sized object up your pussy or ass, but there are ones very much into this. There are toys out there of enormous proportions that I question how anyone could take them into their body.

Men have died-literally, from wanting to make this a reality when they have allowed themselves to be fucked by a horse and it’s literally split up their insides. A caller told me a few months ago it was his dream to die this way-with me watching-as he was fucked to death by a horse. I didn’t even know what to say other than try and change the topic and fast.

I have several clients that have ultra large toys and they are spending hour after hour trying to get them inside and cum with them, no matter the strain on their body or the insides. Now technically a woman’s vagina is big enough to allow a baby to pass through it, and I’ve yet to see a newborn sized toy, but it all sounds mighty painful if you ask me. Is having an orgasm really about pushing your limits this way? Is it a battle of wills to get the biggest object you can inside of yourself?

I had a call just the other night, I could tell from his voice he was in great discomfort, and he was on a break from his Domme he was visiting, she was in the other room seeing to other clients and left him alone for a few hours with a giant butt plug inside and was making him await her return with strict instructions not to remove it-or else. He was made to use a smaller, yet still huge toy to show her on Skype, and he said it took him 3 hours to get it in. When he went to see her for real, the one she had was even bigger. He wasn’t given any 3 hours though, she lubed it up and pushed it in, him crying like a little girl throughout.

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