Tall Tales


Some callers are so invested in their fantasies they are borderline delusional. I’m not sure if they really believe them or they are trying to illicit sympathy, or what their angle is, but some of the tales they tell, I’m biting my lip to keep from laughing they are so outlandish.

Take a man the other day. It sounded like a movie plot. His first, yes first, set of parents were supposedly killed in an earthquake overseas, and his infant body was pulled from the rubble. Um, OK…….then at 6 weeks old he was sent to begin a new life in America with a childless couple, who when he was 3 were burned to death in a Vegas hotel fire. Riiiiiiight. The he was sent into foster care and grew up to become a millionaire and was only attracting uncaring, selfish women. (Is this from a soap opera???) Oh Lord, as I bit my lip to hold back the laughter, I listened to him ramble on about the string of selfish bitches he hooked up with shaking my head in incredulity at it all.

I am sad to say such outlandish tales are crafted fairly regularly from clients. They seem to love to tell us all their backstories, and they tell the same ones to girl after girl, I could tell many such tales, this was just the latest one in a string of many. My point is men call for many different reasons, not just to masturbate, but many are lonely and have no one else to talk to, even on a non sexual level. We are there to be there for them, as friends, confidantes, phone lovers, whatever they need. Some want an equal, others are looking for mommy, each brings with them their own reasons for calling. And that’s why we are there, to listen to them and help as best we can.

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