Cucked By a Ghost

Cuckold is one of the most common topics for a call, but the other day I got a call from a man that had a bit of a different spin on cuckold. One I’d never even thought of in all my years in this business, let alone had a caller mention. He wanted to watch his woman get fucked by a ghost. Neither of them would see the ghost, he’d just watch her get positioned and get taken by them. He’d be able to go to her from behind and watch her cunt lips opening as the ghost cock entered her and stretched her open. He’d watch her spread open wide on her back and seem like she was being eaten out, all the while he’d be stroking himself.

It was odd, since most men that want to be cucked want to see the guy actually fucking her, he would only see her going through the motions, he’d not see any of the ghost whatsoever. It was a very interesting conversation to be sure. Sex with otherworldly beings has been around since the days of the Bible, a very long time, but it’s not that common, most would say it’s not real, it’s just a figment of the imagination of the one supposedly getting fucked.

No one will ever really know for sure what goes on with ones we cannot see unless such an event happens to us, which is pretty unlikely. He wanted to watch her suck his ghost cock, her mouth open, taking in an invisible dick and licking it. Not sure if the ghost was supposed to actually cum and deposit anything into her, but it was not a usual call by any means. People do certainly have some odd fantasies they like to share. So if you’ve ever imagined Casper The Friendly Ghost doing a number on your girlfriend, be sure and call one of us up and let us know!

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